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Growing up in the Midwest gives you an appreciation to the small movements in a life.  Images in the portfolios shown on this site attempt to illuminate my ideas about nature and man and our relationships within it.  I’ve tried not to concentrate on a “style” in photography, but to let the discovery of new experiences inform the ideas in each photograph.  An application of the fundamental approach is relevant, whether making pictures of a Bear or a mountain range.  I mean, landscape images have their moment in time, just as precise as the moment in a street photograph.  Understanding when this moment is, has informed my career, and I struggle and strive to discover this moment, the instant when, the image is more than what is in it.

Having spent the better part of a decade devoted to teaching at the university level, I have continued that path with Linehan Digital Lab.  Workshops here concentrate on individual needs, but maintain my pedagogy with an abreviated curricula.

The Core of my work right now involves commissioned work.  Photography, making pictures, is about relationships.  Relationships with the people in my images or with the people who are my clients.  This is important, to produce work that inspires me to autonomous creation, but gives the “patron” work that fulfills the projects parameters.  You can have both.

Thanks for looking.

James Linehan

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Denali Range, Alaska.  2012.

Denali Range, Alaska. 2012.